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Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica

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To order it: info@tuffimrsport.it
The calendar costs € 13.00 and it must be picked up at our venue in Rome. For different arrangements please contact Barbara by mail / phone.

Diving is an individual sport, with as many as two athletes together in the synchro events; however, initiatives organized by M.R. Sport dei Fratelli Marconi asd, including the management of 80 young athletes in the competitive, pre-competitive and adapted (disabled) groups, and another 80 divers in the Master/Amateur groups, are successful because of cooperation, mutual confidence and teamwork.

TEAMWORK is one of our newer projects, involving the senior athletes, the trainers and the coaches of our diving club; we are making a photo calendar, starting from October 2016 to September 2017, in which we show ourselves and talk about our activities and initiatives. Divers and coaches from the Italian Navy diving group (Gruppo Sportivo Marina Militare) have also helped us in doing this calendar.

TEAMWORK is a self-published calendar by choice, so we had the chance to keep an informal, easy-going mood while shooting the photos; it's still a calendar like many you can find online or at the news-stands, but with a bit of free mockery (you know, there's quite a bunch of funny people among us!). So we hope you'll like it as much as we liked to shoot it.

Oh, we almost forgot: every single cent from TEAMWORK (minus the expenses for its realization) will be devolved to the TUFFI ADAPTED activities, a sport course for mentally disabled and autism spectrum disorders-afflicted athletes.
For any sponsors interested in supporting these or other activities of ours, please use this page.


We did the shooting in Rome, at the Foro Italico sports complex, with the help of the photographers Marco Pozzi (ilikephoto.it) and Angelo Palmieri.
The following people took part to the calendar for the M.R. Sport dei Fratelli Marconi asd diving club: Domenico Rinaldi, coach and club manager; Julia Gusareva, Alice Palmieri and Alessandra Vacca Torelli, coaches; Eleonora Cruciani, Giulia Di Nella and Jacopo Re, trainers; Paola Flaminio, senior diver.
From the Italian Navy diving group, the following people are also depicted in the photos: Nicola Marconi, coach; Tommaso Marconi, Michele Benedetti, Gabriele Auber and Tommaso Rinaldi (Marina Militare/M.R. Sport), senior divers and trainers.
Maria Marconi, with her dogs Roma e Teseo, contributed to the project as well.

We would like to thank some people who volunteered for this project:
Carmine Maione (maioneweb.daportfolio.com), web and media manager for M.R. Sport dei Fratelli Marconi asd since 2014, who took care of the concept, the graphic contents and the marketing bits;
Noemi Imperitura, academic student: she has been a nice planner for the photo shooting, a great make-up artist in a pair with Eleonora Cruciani, and a perfect organizer. You could meet her at the next Master Camp or at the Trofeo Campo, taking care of her duties as a Spanish and English interpreter!
Alice Girlanda (alicegirlanda.cleanfolio.com), artist and photographer from Turin: she has done much of the post-production work.
→ Last but not least, Ms. Barbara Bonfirraro: her share has been critical for the success of the photo shooting.


Our TEAMWORK calendar has an unusual time span, starting from October 2016 and ending in September 2017, as a traditional diving season would do. The calendar illustrates the most important activities and initiatives organized by our diving club, such as:
- TUFFI ADAPTED, a sport course for mentally disabled and autism spectrum disorder-afflicted people; coaches, trainers, athletes and specialized medical staff are at their disposition during their course;
- the NICCOLÒ CAMPO TROPHY (sixth edition planned for August 2-3, 2016), an international competition for young divers (A-C age groups) from all over Europe;
- the MASTER DIVING CAMP (fifth edition planned for August 29 - September 4, 2016), a week of intensive training for divers of any age, from all over the world, with some among the best divers and national team coaches from Italy at their disposition;
- the DIVING ABROAD STAGE for our young member divers: two weeks abroad dedicated to intensive training in some of the best diving structures in Europe (Plymouth Life Center, Dublin National Aquatic Center) and studying English in partner schools.

To order it: info@tuffimrsport.it
The calendar costs € 13.00 and it must be picked up at our venue in Rome. For different arrangements please contact Barbara by mail / phone.